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General Menu Reports - Table Of Contents

Licensee (Service) Licensee/State
State/County State/County/Frequency
Frequency Frequency/State
Latitude/Longitude (Service) Callsign
Latitude/Longitude/Freq Licensee/Zip
Pending ULS Data Parent Child Callsign
ULS Antenna Structure Registration (including TOW AIR)

GenMen Cue Cards

We have opened a parallel site for the General Menu Reports here. It accesses the same data as this site, however, when load is very high it can be used as an alternate site when this site is slow due to high traffic.

New! (Sept. 28, 2001) Now you can search for pending ULS data based on Frequency Coordinator. Take a look under the Pending ULS Data link if this is useful to you.

Notice: Messages regarding the General Menu Reports are now displayed here . Please check this board for messages regarding the system!


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If you have suggestions for improvements to this application,
please contact the FCC at betacomm@fcc.gov or (202) 414-1250.
General Menu Reporting System

Now if you want to see something really cool.... Scott Halligan from ScanCapeCod and ScanMassachusetts.net has taken all the raw FCC data and combined it with a searchable Microsoft Excel Database below

Northeastern US Frequency Database

Searchable frequency database for the Northeastern US. Capable of searching numerous combinations using multiple search criteria. Close to 162,000 active and pending licenses for all radio services including aviation. Nextel licenses have been edited out to reduce database size. The below map shows the approximate coverage area of this database. All FCC licenses between 40N-45N and 60W-75W are included. This database will be completely updated on roughly a monthly basis.

Records are directly extracted from public domain information available at the FCC General Menu Reports website, using the Latitude/Longitude/Frequency search, then imported into Microsoft Excel, converted to a Microsoft Access database, and then exported to a pipe-delimited text file for use with the Flattext Database system. A tutorial on how to accomplish this is now available.

Confirmed Loggings - An Interactive Database - A database intended for the searching and entry of confirmed loggings by visitors to this website. Onetime username and password registration required. Utilizes DbSpace Database Script from Spaceout.com.

Scan Cape Cod