Boston Media Channels

Boston Television      (Nextel is now used very heavily by all the Boston TV stations)

WBZ TV 4  CBS affiliate owned by CBS/Viacom     (PL 146.2)
R450.0375  KCG839 KPL379 KPL552  Channel 1 Assignment Desk  Boston/Needham (455.0375in)
   450.3500  KCG839                                 Channel 2 IFB                           Boston/Needham
R450.5375  KCG839 KPL379 KPL552  Channel 3 Engineering            Boston/Needham  (455.0375in)

WCVB TV 5 ABC affiliate owned by The Hearst Argyle
 455.0875  KYY288                    Channel 1 Engineering                             100 Federal St. Boston  (PL 167.9)
 450.4125  KTE752                    Channel 2  Direct Comms. on Ch4 output                                        
 455.5125  KKN760                   Channel 3 IFB                                             One Beacon St. Boston (PL 167.9)
R450.4125  KTE752 KPE562  Channel 4 Boston Rep    100 Federal St. Boston  (PL 103.5)     (455.6125in)  (back in service may be ch7 now)
R450.2875  KPF325                  Channel 5  New Boston Repeater           One Financial Boston (PL 110.9)
 450.2875 KPF325                     Channel 6 Direct on Ch5 Output                                                    (PL 110.9)
Note: CVB has made so many changes with their radio system over the last few years that I am very unsure of their current channel plan now. Both repeaters used to be out on the 455 side with the direct channels also on 455. I'm assuming that these shifted when the repeaters did. Than their Waltham repeater on 2875 was moved to One Financial after the .6125 machine seemed to loose all output power and was just IDing at flea power downtown. For a while I thought it had moved but I think it might just be on it's exciter on it's longtime State Street Bank home. This just in (1/2/04) it appears that the channel 4 repeater on 450.4125R has been repaired and is working at full power again. Units where testing it from Nashua today.

WHDH TV 7 NBC affiliate owned by the Sunbeam Company  (PL 136.5)
R450.6125  KIZ911        Channel 1 Assignment Desk/Eng                         Boston/Newton  (455.3125in)
 450.0875  KIZ911          Channel 2 Engineering                                           Newton
 R450.5125 KIZ911        Channel 3 Back up Comm and IFB                      Newton                (455.6875in)  found 4/5/06

WGBH TV 2 PBS affiliate owned by Boston Public Broadcasting   (PL 85.4)
R450.3875  KPG251 KPG804  Inactive formally used by Ch2's News at 10     Great Blue

WFXT TV 25 FOX affiliate owned by Fox (DPL023)
R450.1375  KC25359   Channel 1 Assignment Desk                 Needham   (455.1375in)
R450.1625  KC25359   Channel 2 Engineering                           Needham   (455.1625in)

WLVI TV 56 WB affiliate owned by the Tribune Company    (PL 77.0)
R450.2500 KQP700     News Operations        One Financial

WUPN TV 38 UPN affiliate owned by Viacom  (PL 167.9)
 455.1875  KPF338    Channel 1   Sports Crews
 455.4125  KPF338    Channel 2   Sports Crews

Boston Radio     (Many radio stations use MMCOMM for their remotes see below)



WBCN "The Rock Revoloution"NewsRadio 1030 WBZWZLX "Boston's Classic Rock"Mix98.5 "Boston's Best Mix"
WBCN FM 104.1 owned by Infinity/CBS  (PL 82.5)
R450.4375 KPJ731 KC23788     Channel 1/MMCOMMch1   Comms, Cues     (455.4375in)
  450.4375  KPJ731 KC23788     Channel 2/MMCOMMch2   (Direct on Ch 1)
  455.4124  KPI967                        Channel 3/MMCOMMch3
  455.1875  KPI967                        Channel 4/MMCOMMch4
  161.64,67,70,73,76 KA59059    Remote Pick Up Channels
Some Remotes done by Minuteman Communications

WBZ AM 1030 owned by Infinity/CBS (PL 82.5)
R 450.650 KLM466    News and Traffic   (455.650in)
Some Remotes done by Minuteman Communications

WBMX FM 98.5 owned by Infinity/CBS
Remotes done by Minuteman Communications

WZLX FM 100.7 owned by Infinity/CBS
450.900, 455.900 KC27624 Remote Pick Up Channels
Many Remotes done by Minuteman Communications


WRKO "The Talk Station"Star937 "The Rythm of Boston"WAAF "The Only Station That Really Rocks"WEEI "Sports Radio 590"
WRKO AM 680, WQSX FM 93.7, WEEI AM 850, WAAF AM 107.3 owned by Entercom
R450.5875                    Channel 1  RKO Skyway Patrol Traffic         One Financial Boston (PL94.8) (455.5875in)
R450.0625 KPK909    Channel 2  Engineering all stations /MMCOMMch5      One Financial Boston (PL85.4)  (455.0625in)
R450.700 KGQ360 KB55419  RPU repeater in Paxton used by WAAF  (455.700in)
455.750,450,750 KB55419  KB55385 RPU 450.70,450.8, 455.80 receiver on One Financial used by WAAF                 
Many Remotes done by Minuteman Communications

Greater Media

WBOSWKLB "Boston Spells Country WKLB"WROR "The Songs you Rember"
WBOS FM 92.9, WTKK FM 96.9, WKLB FM 99.5, WROR FM 105.7, WMJX 106.7 owned by Greater Media
R450.4625                   Channel 1 Engineering all stations     Pru Tower     (PL 179.9)  (455.4625in)
450.900,455.900 KPM666   RPU receiver on The Pru
Many Remotes done by Minuteman Communications

Clear Channel

JAMN 94.5 "Today's Hottest Music"WXKS "Kiss108 FM"

WJMN FM 94.5, WXKS FM 107.9 owned by Clear Channel
455.950, 450.950, 455.900, 450.900  KC62857
Many Remotes done by Minuteman Communications

Radio One

WILD AM 1090, WBOT FM 97.7 owned by Radio One
166.25   KB55691 WILD remotes

Radio Traffic Reports

Metro Traffic/SmartRoutes/ShadowTraffic all owned by WestwoodOne/CBS/Viacom
R450.1125  KPF288 KPF292      Metro Traffic   One Financial            (455.1125in) (PL 141.3)
R460.925  WPRL403       Smart Routes            Hancock Tower           (465.925in) (PL 131.8)
R461.925  WPRG212      Smart Routes Ch2                                          (466.925in) (PL131.8)
R450.5625 WPMD326    Shadow Traffic                                                (455.5625in) (PL100.0)

Remote Broadcast Services

Minuteman Communications  provides remote broadcast services for many Boston Area Stations 
R450.4375 KPJ731 KC23788       Channel 1                     (455.4375in) (PL 82.5)
 450.4375  KPJ731 KC23788        Channel 2 (Ch1 direct)                       (PL 82.5)  
 455.4124  KPI967                           Channel 3                                             (PL 82.5)
 455.1875  KPI967                           Channel 4                                             (PL 82.5)
R450.0625 KPK909                        Channel 5                                             (PL85.4)

161.64,67,70,73,76    Remote Pick Up Channels Pru receive site
166.250         IFB transmitter (seldom used) Pru


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original FCC allocated channels today's use splitting many of the 50Khz and 25Khz channels up to conserve space Channel usage listed by main licensee or user not auxiliary call signs. Part 74 users can use any frequency under temporary authority. Up to 720 hours annually with permission from a licensee, freq. coordinator or the FCC. Users can also ID with their broadcast call sign.
  153.350 WATD Marshfield Repeater Out (170.15in)    (csq)
  161.64,67,70,73,76 * Shared RPU channels WATD,WBCN, WBZ, WEEI, WKOX, WRKO, WPLM, WJDA, MMCOMM, 
166.250 * Shared RPU channels WILD, WQRC, WZID, All RPU      MMCOMM and WATD IFB
450.050 450.0375 WBZ-TV 4 Ch1 Assignment Desk Repeater Out (455.0375in)
450.0625 WRKO Ch2 Repeater Out (455.0625in)
  450.0875 WHDH TV7 Ch2 ENG, WHAV RPU
  450.1125 METRO TRAFFIC Repeater Out (455.1125in)
450.150 450.1375 WFXT Fox25 Ch1  Assignment Desk Repeater Out (455.1375in)
450.1625 WFXT Fox25 Ch2  Engineering Repeater Out (455.1625in)
  450.1875 WRKO, IFB   WPRO Repeater Out (455.1875in)
  450.2125 METRO Traffic Back Up inactive, WTAG repeater Out, WJAR Ch2
450.250   WLVI TV56 Repeater Out (455.250in)
  450.2875 WCVB TV5 Ch5 One Financial Repeater Out (455.2875in)
  450.3125 WRKO IFB2, WLNE TV6 Repeater Out, WWLP TV22 
450.350   WBZ-TV4 Ch2 IFB
  450.3875 WGBH TV2 Repeater Out (455.3875in)
  450.4125 WCVB TV5 State Street Bank (455.6125in)  (seems to be not operating correctly and rarely used)
450.450 450.4375 WBCN/MMCOMM Ch1 Repeater Out (455.4375in)
450.4625 GreaterMedia  Repeater Out (455.4625in) WMJX, WKLB, WBOS, WTKK, WROR
  450.4875 WPRI TV12 Ch1 Providence Repeater Out (455.4875in), WMUR TV9 Manchester
  450.5125 WHDH TV7 Ch3 BackUp, IFB
450.550 450.5375 WBZ-TV4 Ch3 ENG
450.5625 Shadow Traffic Repeater Out (455.5625in)
  450.5875 WRKO Ch1 Repeater Out (455.5875in)
  450.6125 WHDH TV7 Ch1 Assignment/Engineering Repeater Out (455.3125in)
450.650   WBZ AM Ch1 Repeater Out (455.650in)
450.700   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
450.750    * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
450.800   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
450.850   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
450.900   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
450.950   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
455.050 455.0375 WBZ TV4 Ch1 Repeater In (450.4375out)
455.0625 WRKO Ch2 Repeater In (450.0625out)
  455.0875 WCVB TV5 Ch1 ENG
  455.1125 Metro Traffic Repeater In (450.1125out)
450.150 455.1375 WFXT Fox25 Ch1 Repeater In (450.1375out)
455.1625 WFXT Fox25 Ch2 Repeater In (455.1625out)
  455.1875 WUPN TV38/NESN Ch1, WBCN/MMCOMM ch4, WPRO Prov Repeater In 
  455.2125 WTAG Worcester Repeater In, WALE Repater Out Providence
455.250   WLVI TV56 Repeater In (450.250out), Traffic Net Prov. Ch2 
  455.2875 WCVB TV5 Ch5 One Financial Repeater In (450.2875out)
  455.3125 WHDH TV7 Ch1 Repeater In (450.6125 out)
455.350   WBMX, WRKO Ch3 (Inactive)
  455.3875 WGBH TV2 Repeater In (450.3875out), WJUL,WJAR TV10 Providence RI
  455.4125 WBCN/MMCOMM Ch3, WUPN TV38/NESN Ch2
455.450 455.4375 WBCN/MMCOMM Ch1 Repeater In (450.4375out)
455.4625 Greater Media Engineering Repeater In (450.4625out)
  455.4875 WMUR TV 9 Manchester Repeater Out (450.4875in), WPRI TV12 Prov. Rep In (450out)
  455.5125 WCVB TV5 Ch3 IFB
455.550 455.5375 WBZ TV4 Ch3 ENG Repeater In (450.5375out)
455.5625 Shawdow Traffic Repeater In (450.5625out)
  455.5875 WRKO Ch 1 Repeater In (450.5875out), WPRI TV12 Ch3 Providence RI
  455.6125 WCVB TV5 Ch4 Boston Repeater In (450.4125out)
455.650   WBZ AM Ch1 Repeater In (450.650out) 
455.700 455.6875 * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
455.750   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
455.800   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
455.850   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
455.900   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 
455.950   * Shared RPU channel and temporary coordinated two-way use 

* Shared RPU channels are coordinated through a dial-in touchtone voice prompt system maintained by Greater Media's CE Paul Shulins. To be incorporated into this system please call John Mullaney at 781-259-9200. This system use has been approved by the local SBE Frequency Coodinator Joe Sweeney and by the Quincy Field office of the FCC. This system is not intended to bar any station from using a specific frequency but to give advance warning to possible conflicts so they can be sorted out ahead of time. The SBE Coordinator Joe Sweeney can also use the system to schedule temporary usage for broadcasters visiting the area for local events. If you have any questions feel free to contact Joe Sweeney, Paul Shulins or John Mullaney.